22 Years of Wedded Bliss …

DH-Anniversary-cardOK – not always.  But we do have our moments … Like – now.   While granting me some alone/studio time, DH is making dinner, while the twins babysit the den (pups).  Awww … And, I’ve got to show off the sweet card he gave me.22-yr-anniversary  Yeah – that would be his ‘southpaw’ chicken- scratch declaring his love … (Is it any wonder I have no problem deciphering “doctor-handwriting”???) Smile Happy Anniversary Babe!

 News from the Den:  All are doing well.  The pups are growing by-the-minute!  Sienna’s boys will have their eyes open within the next day or so.  Zonie’s babies are all gaining and growing consistently.  With a litter of 12, we split them so that only half have access to mom/food at one time.  It means poor Zonie has to deal with ‘double-duty’ – and she’s doing great with it!  And both Moms are turning the corner with fussy eating – YAY!!!  Will post some squishy-faced puppy photos soon.  Meanwhile – I want to try making a few “Neo-Paw” pendants … here’s the image.  Hope to see soon if it will translate into a dichroic pendant:


Have a new blank made, and one cookin’ in the kiln as I type.  I think this one is destined for some spoon rests ….


And lastly … DH had an idea about a glass photo-frame.  Here’s the inspiration for it – a mirror we made (out of wood) some 12-13 years ago, when we were doing craft shows.  Since it’s DH – and he only works when inspiration strikes, time allows and the stars are in alignment … it’ll be a while before he gets around to a finished piece ready for the kiln.  Winking smile   Oh – gotta go … time for dinner!


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