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Welcome to the Twilight Zone … would you like fries with that?

WWU:  ‘Twilight Zone’ Moon + Busy ER = Bizarre Patients.  What did you do during last night’s (86th) Super Moon?  Did you gaze upon it’s beauty and splendor?  Not me … I ran my butt off … I argued with educated a… Read More

Because I’m Happy …

Yep – I have that song stuck in my head!  Guess who’s anniversary present came early??? Uh-huh!  This girl!  Look at what I made … on my first night!  “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!” Gotta go… Read More

The mad scientist … ???

Or the Mad Hatter … or just plain crazy.  Whatever …  The experiments continue!  I do love the day of the internet!  Much to the annoyance of DH (… and my accountant … and my bank account …).  Sooo much to learn! … Read More

22 Years of Wedded Bliss …

OK – not always.  But we do have our moments … Like – now.   While granting me some alone/studio time, DH is making dinner, while the twins babysit the den (pups).  Awww … And, I’ve got to show off the sweet card… Read More