Welcome to the Twilight Zone … would you like fries with that?

WWU:  ‘Twilight Zone’ Moon + Busy ER = Bizarre Patients.  What did you do during last night’s (86th) Super Moon?  Did you gaze upon it’s beauty and splendor?  Not me …

super moon

  • I ran my butt off …
  • I argued with educated a parent for several hours to convince inpatient admission was the best (and only) logical choice for his sick child …
  • I found a wandering intoxicant in the dirty utility, as the patient thought it was the bathroom.  [Picture a row of unprepared bedside commodes (= a toilet seat ‘open’ to the floor) and the tallest, largest, weirdest looking toilet-meets-short-funky-sink in a room with no toilet paper … Would you use it?  The female patient did …]

bedside commode without bucket   hopper-4   toilet-paper no

  • I was verbally assaulted by an irrational parent (not my patient) who was tired of waiting in a busy ER for her child’s non-emergent (heck, not even ‘urgent-care worthy’) complaint.  All because I was the idiot that asked, “Ma’am, can I help you?”
  • Did I mention I ran my butt off???

(Oh sure, I could keep going, but you get the gist …)

As a final note – to add to this weekend’s fun … my previously healed incision must be trying to spit a (non-existent) stitch.  I am acutely aware of every twitch, rub, jiggle and change in wind current that surrounds my ‘healthy’ mammary zone.  Mmhmmm … fun!

Time to get lost in the studio …


BTW – Happy Anniversary DH.  24 years of wedded bliss …

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