The mad scientist … ???

Or the Mad Hatter … or just plain crazy.  Whatever …  The experiments continue! 


I do love the day of the internet!  Much to the annoyance of DH (… and my accountant … and my bank account …).  Sooo much to learn!  I have [quite] a few different experimental pots brewing on the (bunsen) burners:  Marbling, crackle, webbing, oils, torching, enamels, powders.  OH MY!

So, my anniversary is coming up.  Umm – in two weeks.  TWENTY FOUR years of wedded BLISS.  DH already has my gifts picked out (and ordered – AND
IN THE MAIL …).  He’s such an AMAZING guy!  Rumor has it he is outfitting me with a whole torch set up – including some pretty sweet reduction frits …

But, in the meantime I’ll show you what I’ve been up to (… And, ready – set – go – PICTURES!!!):  First up – marbling:  Love it – absolutely gorgeous!!!  But it’s not translating well onto glass.  Hmmm …

marbling marbling-3 marbling-2

And then – because nothing goes to waste in the studio … Enamel + CMC + glass … equals BUBBLES!!! (Well, WTH …)

cmc-enamel-1 cmc-enamel-2 marbling-cmc-bubbles

But, we had some better outcomes too

oil-and-marbeling-exp   oil-enamel-irid-exp

And then we played with some (really old) ceramic underglaze (thanks Christa!)…

ceramic-underglazes   underglaze-exp

Somewhere in there we did a bit of pate de verre (cuz I have some big ideas …), and tinkered with our first trial of crackle/wafer glass.  Hmmm … More experiments are needed, I can tell …

pate-de-verre-lily-pads crackle1 crackle-fused

All leading to tonight … I had me some fun. They’re cooking in the kiln now [fingers crossed] … so we’ll see:

mad-scientist-experiments  7-30-close-up

oils  7-30-experiments-2  webbing

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to keep up with requests (more to come … Thank you everyone for your special requests!!!).  Right now, we have night lights:

requested-night-lights   request

And, while my Magnolia Rose will never  be replaced … my heart was just too empty.  Meet Nora – she is Maggie’s grand-daughter.  Nicknamed ‘My-Nora’, ‘Meh-Norr-Aahhhh’ (no, she’s not Jewish, but that’s not her fault), ‘Pumpkin-Face’, and ‘Norad, my Gonad’ (yeah, she doesn’t like that one either …).  She’s no “FattButt”, but she helps mend the ache – and laugh … Oh, she makes me laugh – that pretty, silly girl!

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