Anniversary Day

Yep, 32 years of wedded bliss.  Smile

We’ve been enjoying pool days just about every day.  Our garden continues to amaze with cucumbers (- look at that cucumber!), tomatoes, zucchini, patty pans, herbs (basil, sage and mint), beans and NOODLE BEANS … yep, we tried those for the first (successful) time this year.

cucuber22     garden-is-producing-22

dot-tpI’ve finished up a couple of ‘dot’ projects … Here is one that I had to frame, as I love it!

Had dinner withlotion the high school girls last week.  I’m happy to report we are all well and aging gracefully.  Smile  I’m making goat milk lotion now, and gave some to the ladies.  It smells so good!

teryaki-rabbitWe cooked up a teryaki rabbit recipe.  Very yummy.  We’re having family out next week, so we’ll be serving home grown chicken (SKOS) and rabbit, along with home grown veggies … and a few store made things, like cake!

We went fishing in our pond yesterday and for the first time ever, caught some sharkey-32-yrsfishes … bullhead catfish and some kind of giant minnow-looking thing, along with a painter turtle.  All went back into the pond to grow and thrive …  [No photos of our fishing, but here is the DH ‘Sharky’ 32 year anniversary gift]

Leaving with a photo of me playing with some CRAZY artificial lashes …  Happy DAY Y’all!clown-lashes

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