Tiptoe through the …

Zonie's babiesNo, not tulips … Puppies!  The gang’s all here.  Zonie started having her babies in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (about 4am) … Now, some 36 hours later (we all got some sleep), we are settling into a great routine of ‘life on the outside’ … Smile  In case you’re having trouble counting … that’s 12 babies there (10 girls and 2 boys)!

Zonie and pups

Both of my moms and their babies are doing great.  We’re going through expected and acceptable post-whelping phases.  It must be love on my part, as I CANNOT STAND the smell of liver – but my moms love it, so they’re getting it, along with puppy food (kibble), hot dogs, yogurt, eggs-n-cheese, peanut butter and canned (dog) food.  You name it, if they like it – they get it.  And Zonie smiles at me when she sees me heading from the kitchen – all scrunched-up/wrinkled-mass/Neo-style.  It’s beautiful in a kinda-scary, homely, goofy sort of way … just like HER momma (Olivia – NOT me … Jeez!)

Made it through DARN SANE (due, in part to lack-of-sleep exhaustion), providing a 3 hour work in-service and the twins are wrapping up their Driver’s Ed today … I wonder if they passed their test???

Not a whole lot of studio time, but that’s okay.  We’ll get there … Time to go check on the babies.

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