Wish me luck …

Time to take a deep breath and hit the week running … In between the demands of daily driver’s ed for the twins, our puppy nursery (9 days old today), our canine ante-partum nursery (Mama Zonie is due this week), photography, shipping glass packages (love that), and working “Mom’s Diner” – I’ve got the DARN SANE meeting (don’t love those) and a work orientation to provide.



A quick pic from our monitoring camera – Zonie (and DH) in one of the whelping boxes – waiting for delivery ‘day’ to arrive …


I did manage to get the (production) kiln running for the first time in a long time, and I’ve gotten some photos/listings prepped for the shops (to post over the next few days) …YAY!!!

Blue and Gold Confetti Badge ReelMosaic Rose Platter   Dragonfly Slumped BottleSilver Dichro Flourish Scroll Pendant  

But now it’s time for a little sleep before facing DARN SANE … Wish me luck!

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