Not fair! [Whine!!!]

Dukes of HazzardWhile I never deluded myself into thinking that I had the ‘skillz’ of Bo or Luke Duke – I did think for half a second maybe I could outrun the law … Um, let me ‘splain.

1) Last night was busy – Don’t-Stop-Moving-‘til-3AM busy.

2) I don’t know why, but our facility recently instituted a new ‘rule’ that we, as nurses do not have to accept a subpoena from a peace officer during working hours.  Meaning = ‘THEY’ would have to catch me at HOME.  (Good luck with that!)

Soooo … when our ER Safety Officer stopped me – in the middle of a chest pain, severe extrapyramidal drug reaction (side effect), new onset seizure, SCREAMING toddler, and testicular torsion – to ask if I wanted a subpoena?  I took about 0.2 seconds to say, “No thank you!” And went on about my business.  Did I (later) suffer a moment’s guilt for wasting a cop’s time? Mmmmmm, maybe …

But not enough so that I didn’t leave work a few minutes early – after parking my vehicle somewhere staff doesn’t usually park – in an effort to sneak home UN-SERVED.  Yeah … it didn’t work.  I made it less than half a mile before a county cruiser was pulling me over – with LIGHTS FLASHING!!!

While I gracefully accepted my summons (to appear in court next month to General-Lee-from-The-Dukes-of-Hazzard-Movie-Side-Chase-testify that I did in fact comply with the warrant instructing me to draw blood from a prisoner, Lord knows how many months ago) … I had to ask the deputy how long he’d been watching for me?  “About an hour …”  After grinning [begrudgingly], I let him know I HAD been trying to sneak home under his radar, to no avail and left with the parting remark, “Well played, Sir!”  [Grrr – DANGIT!!!!]  *Maybe next time I’ll try to actually outrun him???  Smile

As if that wasn’t insult enough … Now Michigan weather is predicting rain all morning.  Right!  No ‘Pool Time’ for me before crash-sleeping to head back to work tonight.  NOT FAIR!!!

rainy pool day

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