WTH is THAT?!?

We’re settling into a good routine around here with the kids and dogs and pups … BTW – for all you Michigan folks – fair warning … the twins are now driving.  Granted – not alone yet – so we’re all still safe for a bit longer …

Anyway, a nice routine.  Not much studio time, but we were able to go for a little walk around the yard last night when I discovered this … WHAT THE HECK IS IT???  It’s on my trumpet vine … and I’m a little bit afraid of it.

trumpet-vine-blossom     alien-pod---Aaarrrgh

Turns out there’s another one further up the plant – so I’m hoping it’s some sort of seed pod … (???)  I was in a real panic last night when I found it – squealed and everything.  Was almost ready to call the Invasion Police (MIB Division 6 or those guys from Evolution), when I discovered the second one.  Now I’m just keeping a suspicious eye on them, making sure they don’t start pulsating or somethin’ … I’ll keep you posted.


And leaving with a quick pic of my butterfly bushes … pretty – if you can overlook their masculine shape.  Smile


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