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WTH is THAT?!?

We’re settling into a good routine around here with the kids and dogs and pups … BTW – for all you Michigan folks – fair warning … the twins are now driving.  Granted – not alone yet – so we’re all still… Read More

Die-Hard Sun-Worshipper

You know you’re a Magda-wanna-be/die-hard sun-worshipper if … you found yourself in the pool this afternoon in Michigan – just in time for the threatening clouds to unload, as they had been promising to do all afternoon.  Yep – that was me. … Read More

A comparison … (AKA Weekend wrap up)

Recently saw PBR (Professional Bull Riding) for the first time … My Golly!  Those guys can handle some pain!  It’s insane, what they endure in the name of making a living … But, we could all learn a thing or two from… Read More