A comparison … (AKA Weekend wrap up)

pbrRecently saw PBR (Professional Bull Riding) for the first time … My Golly!  Those guys can handle some pain!  It’s insane, what they endure in the name of making a living … But, we could all learn a thing or two from them.  These guys ride with broken bones/bruised parts  while  being bucked, stomped on and stabbed at with horns.

And then there’s the 20-something in the ER … Medicated with enough narcotics to put down the BULL(!), let alone a person – and still whining.  Nothing broken, no disease process found … WTH!  Moving on …

downed-treeLost one of our few, precious trees during Saturday’s torrential storm.  Came home Sunday morning to find this … We were very lucky she fell away from the pergola/pool.  John ‘buried’ her today … R.I.P. Tree!  Sad smiletv-flower

During my Monday morning walk-about in the yard, I discovered this!  My trumpet vine is going to have it’s first ever bloom.  There’s just this one cluster … But hey – you gotta start somewhere!  Smile

Studio news:  This week I’m focusing on wrapping up my wind chimes, so I can move on to other projects.  I’ve sold out of my current batch of dichroic badge reels, and have started making more, along with some pendants.  And, I plan to do a bit more with dye-sub.  My experiment worked – I was able to sublimate on art glass.  Now to make more complex, fused pieces to sublimate!  And here’s a marble coaster – coffee themed.

Dichroic 'opal' pendant  lucy-nl  mlcoaster

Finally got around to listing some bottles … I like these, but feel the need to ‘dress it up’ a bit more.  I’m struggling with just how, though …

     dlcloseup      boneappetitbottles


I’ll leave with a photo of Sophia, soaking up some morning sun … Love that face!!  Smile


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