More experiments …

Sometimes they work … sometimes not so much.  But I’m compelled to keep trying – to the annoyance of my bank account and DH.  Smile

New mold, new bottle bowl.  I like it, but will continue to play with it to get more relief (so the design shows off more) …


dicho-scrap-meltA dichroic experiment … I haven’t fired it up yet … need to ‘chew on it’ for a bit, to make sure I’ve planned it out right.  They’re left-over bits and failed cabs, but I don’t want to burn off the dichro either.  If it turns out anything like what I have pictured in my head … SWEET!  And, I’m planning to try a few dye-sub t-shirts …  All while still plugging away at the mobiles.

Our oldest son had his wisdom teeth pulled today, poor guy.  He’s sporting chipmunk cheeks that look painful!  He’s my talker (almost non-stop, usually) … it’s so quiet here today …


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