Die-Hard Sun-Worshipper

You know you’re a Magda-wanna-be/die-hard sun-worshipper if … you found yourself in the pool this afternoon in Michigan – just in time for the threatening clouds to unload, as they had been promising to do all afternoon.  Yep – that was me.  I am now well-watered, along with the rest of my garden. 

Theres Something about Mary MAGDA

But I HAD to … the kids were gone (driver’s education EVERY day for the next three weeks), my studio needs cleaning, and I wasn’t up for anything else on my to-do list -like laundry, photography, errands or computer work … I did manage to cook a kick-butt dinner for the Fam.  Now – someone needs to clean the kitchen.

It’s still dichro-central in the studio … but I am working my way towards some new projects (S-L-O-W-L-Y-!!!).


I’ll be dropping some finished glass pieces off to our local nature center for an upcoming auction.  We’ll be taking the kids out to see (one of) their summer movie(s).  And, we’ll be having (Neo) puppies soon – time to get the nursery ready to go; entice ‘finicky’ Mom with yummy foods; and begin ‘pup-watch’ …

I’ll leave with a quick pic of my blooming trumpet vine – she also loves the sun!  Guess it’s time to get back to work …


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