Of Course …

Of course it’s starting now(!) … My Neapolitan Mastiff mom has started stage one of labor – on Saturday, when I have to go to work.  And – WE were going to see the new Batman movie … but now, ‘Fatty’ and I are pacing, heavy breathing, repositioning and pacing some more while the rest of my two-legged family are at the movies … AND – I have to work tonight.

new-knit-blanketBut for now, it’s all good.  She’s happy so long as I’m close.  I’ve got a knitting project going (another blanket), and my lap-top (Helloooo Pinterest!) …

I did escape for a few minutes to check on my studio/kiln and raid (‘harvest’) the over-growing, muddy garden:

future-pendants-and-badge-reels       garden-2012

I’ll continue to ‘baby-sit’ until it’s time to go to work, then DH will be taking over.  The thing about stage one of canine labor that my girls have taught me – we can do this for 48+ hours … my little Drama Queen!  Hope to report back soon with some puppy pics …

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