Another busy week …

Another busy week ahead … juggling for the needs of two-and four-legged family.  Driver’s Ed, puppies, errands, groceries, puppies, work meetings, dinners, puppies … Did I mention puppies?  Wouldn’t change a thing – except maybe adding a few hours to the day …


WWU:  While I was busy judging people at work this weekend (we’ll get back to that), DH was keeping me updated on puppy deliveries … We have 6 healthy Neapolitan Mastiff babies added to our clan – all four colors and all boys!  Mom and pups are doing great as we settle back into the routines of new babies in the house.

mean nurseBack to this weekend’s work lesson – a huge reminder to me about first impressions/judging people:  The crabby, cynical ER nurse in me immediately wants to fill out the endless paperwork required to file a 3200 (protective services investigation form) on the parent who brings their infant child in to the ER for a fever without any (active) Tylenol or Motrin on-board.  And while I (secretly) snarl and sputter, I go about taking care of the sick baby … hoping it’s the fever, and not meningitis or sepsis that has him looking so listless and [toxic] SICK.  Meanwhile, with my total ‘poker-face’ [ummm, NOT!], I inquire as to why the baby doesn’t have any antipyretics in his system … ??? Turns out this single mom is doing all she can to do right by her baby in today’s world.  She started a new job – one that has her home more regularly; her first paycheck is still 6 days away; and baby keeps vomiting the oral Tylenol.  nurse-with-wingsSo wrong was my first impression, and so struck by Mom’s situation – I contributed to her petty-cash fund.  It’s not often I feel compelled to blur the line between my job and my own family’s resources – but sometimes you’ve got to do a little pay-it-forward act.  The good news – baby has a simple ear infection, and with Tylenol (suppository) – he tolerates his antibiotic, his bottle and even smiles at his crabby, cynical ER nurse … and Mom has what she needs to have on hand for her baby.

Until the next patient arrives … Well, you can’t expect altruistic compassion from the jaded in EVERY situation, but I am trying … We’ll save the rude 20-something PID story and the drama-craving, drug-seeking ‘BROKEN-LEG’ [NOT!!]  story for another day …bb-good-bad

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