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OMGosh–Why do I do this to myself?

Jeeze Louise!  I’m nuts!  [I KNOW!!!]  But still … We’re less than a week out from Christmas II, and I’ve got so much to do!  It’s okay.  Deep breath.  We’ll get there.  So, while we are keeping up with two high school… Read More

But HE Started It!

OH!!!  It is SOO DH’s fault … He sent a de-funk Craig’s List item that promised a new storage rack/work station in my COE-90 designated work area.  HE emailed the no-good listing to me.  Now I WANT one!  Shelves for my frits,… Read More

Dusting off, while I (slowly) get back on the horse …

Dog-with-a-bone persistent … yep, that’s me.  I cleaned out my coffin-kiln fiasco, and ran to my favorite glass supply store this week to stock up on iridescent glass.  I will make some (amazing) irid platters, DANG IT!  So, here we go …… Read More

Another busy week …

Another busy week ahead … juggling for the needs of two-and four-legged family.  Driver’s Ed, puppies, errands, groceries, puppies, work meetings, dinners, puppies … Did I mention puppies?  Wouldn’t change a thing – except maybe adding a few hours to the day… Read More