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Lovin’ It!

  DH and I are making baby steps towards bringing the new studio computer on-line, so that we can lay to rest the seriously ill, old computer.  Umm, the new one has Windows 8.1.  I feel like a geriatric patient …“I don’t… Read More

Dusting off, while I (slowly) get back on the horse …

Dog-with-a-bone persistent … yep, that’s me.  I cleaned out my coffin-kiln fiasco, and ran to my favorite glass supply store this week to stock up on iridescent glass.  I will make some (amazing) irid platters, DANG IT!  So, here we go …… Read More

Productive … but not with glass

Darn it!  But – I did just pay the bills.  “The house is ours for another 30 days, honey” – I yelled out to DH, as I do every month.  And, I saw my primary care physician today … I get to… Read More