Lovin’ It!


DH and I are making baby steps towards bringing the new studio computer on-line, so that we can lay to rest the seriously ill, old computer.  Umm, the new one has Windows 8.1.  I feel like a geriatric patient …“I don’t DO computers … or VCR’s … or digital watches.”  We WILL figure this SH*T out, dang it!  (Apparently NOT what I’m loving!)

In the meantime … I’m playing with the torch, running the kilns and assembling necklaces.  Have I mentioned I LOVE MY TORCH!?!  It’s true!


fern my-cab fleur

I’m also plugging away, (with the OLD, terminally ill computer –) working with digital decals.  Still doing my three color experiments.  Here is what recently came out of the kiln.  Next up – I will try actual photos, to see which color profile I prefer …

harley-expermients digital-peacock-feather-tri
 digital-mj august-digital-decals

Two kilns running every day, in between gaining our “I.T.-degree-by-fire”.  Add to all that ‘some’ kind of fun outing every day, and this wanna-be-Hermit is LOVING IT!!!  Seriously! Winking smile 

torch-cabs-ready   dragonfly-hot-shot-tiles

BTW – Spit an 8 month old, non-existent, DISSOLVABLE stitch.  My parts are getting happy again.  Still not loving God-like surgeons who do not LISTEN to their patients, but … I no longer feel like a jacked-up weather barometer.  So, ya know – it’s all good!  Smile

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