But HE Started It!

OH!!!  It is SOO DH’s fault … He sent a de-funk Craig’s List item that promised a new storage rack/work station in my COE-90 designated work area.  HE emailed the no-good listing to me.  Now I WANT one!  Shelves for my frits, upright storage for my glass, a place to tuck much-needed tools, AND a higher counter/table … YES, please!

Meanwhile, while NEGOTIATING, my plotter and I have been prepping all sorts of cool images.  (Here’s one:)  And, I’m taking advantage of running water, so I continue to ‘Spring-clean’ in the studio. 


20150425_013101my-jello-shotsOh, I also made these, which are amazing!  Pineapple Upside Down Cake Jello Shots … while I don’t think they taste so much like the cake-namesake, they are YUMMY!  So, my fridge is (currently) very well stocked …

And, I exposed the kids to brussel sprouts.  I don’t love them, but … “a Mom has got to do what a Mom’s gotta do” – so I tucked them in with all the other veggies and “Lemon-pepper” Swai … the kids liked it – more than I did!  So, you know … I WIN!!!

Grilled veggies & lemon pepper Swai

We also experienced our first seizure here … My 9 year old Yorkie, Chauncey decided to spice things up a bit this week.  So ten-scary-minutes and 2 days later, I’ve added to my private-duty patient list.  I’m happy to report all are doing well, and I’m back to sleeping with one eye open.


While keeping vigil, I managed to get a few photos taken/listings going:

White owl night light  Fairy wing pendant

heart-badge-reel  C3PO night light

So, I will get through my weekend ER-nursing tour, then dive into glass projects next week!  (… while we juggle the needs of hormonal teenagers and our four-legged crew, running and feeding the homestead, and steady chipping away at my CARPENTER for the New Work Station!!!) Smile


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