Crashed hard!

Now I know why I was feeling extra tired and cranky at work this weekend.  I’m fighting off some crummy URI virus that my coworkers are spreading around like candy.  So I power-slept yesterday for some 14+ hours.  DH said he checked on me once to make sure I was still breathing … Awww, he loves me.


So today is a new day, and while I still have a ‘1-900’ sexy quality to my voice (ummm, NOT!) … I feel almost human.  And I’m certain the weather will turn nice again … soon, right?!?  But – I do love this photo DH took recently with his camera phone!  Our skyline …


Not too much going on in the studio just yet … I made a new clock for my wall with a color-chart poster; continue experiments with plotter-cut adhesives, and ran a batch of hot glass cabs through the mini-kiln … Hmmm. 


more-test-tiles    hot-glass-cabs

Off to my local glass supplier to pick up some sheet glass.  Let the playing begin … [cough, cough, ribbit!]


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