So – It’s not all bad …

We met the tax-day deadline (umm, with 30+ hours to spare!)!  And, while Uncle Sam wasn’t so nice to us this year,  I don’t have to look for another job just yet. 

Meanwhile … DH was busy all day Monday when a major pipe thawed (AND busted) by the barn.  Fortunately, we caught it minutes after it happened – and –  he has ‘Man Tools’ …  Add a helpful nephew with healthy, young back muscles and problem solved!  [Yeah, so …our son was working all day, our daughter still has one functional hand, and I just worked an ER-nurse-SRO-weekend tour … Anyway – thank you Tyler!]  Here’s a lovely shot that shows off my newly renovated lawn – and removed, busted culprit.


The great news – they got it fixed.  THIS means I have running water in the studio again, as well as the house!  [Happy Dance!]  Which meant wrapping up the taxes was my job.  It only took 10 hours, and sleep is over-rated.

But, glass is good.  Running water is good.  And, if one is bummed about their financial situation, Blondie is always here to help … (Our Neapolitan Mastiff – who loves her some sweets, and won’t let a little thing like a deep jar get in her way …)  So, I’m sharing:

Now, all I have to do is attend an A.M. nursing competency class … in T-5 hours.  One more deadline, and the studio will be mine!

BTW – here is my sugar skull experiment.  It worked (sort of …), but I’d like to see a thicker frit layer.  And, the fact that I had to hand-cut the stencil defeats the purpose of my trial.   Hmm …


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