So far, so good – and the experiment continues …

I’m waiting for my kiln to finish (6+ hours to go), but so far, my ‘speriment’ is working.  I doubt she’ll fuse all the way to what I’ve envisionded, but … maybe – because she’s fired face-down with Wissmach Luminescent … We’ll see.  It’s no replacement for No Days Wafer Sheet … but, it does keep me occupied while I can’t be in Vegas (at the glass expo). 


My plotter failed miserably on the film I used.  So, I cut this design by hand (HUGE drawback # 1!) …  I doubt the powder layer is deep enough – but, thus far the experiment  has worked. 

heat-n-bond-weed-experiment    20150410_001306

And, yesterday’s experiment DID burn clean … (Building Blocks!)


So, I keep plugging away in my studio!  T-5 Days … No pressure!!!Meanwhile … DH (umm, Nunke) says he heard ‘gurgling’ in the pipes.  I still have no running water in the studio, but SOMEONE says “it’s CLOSE!”

water bubbling from ground

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