What to do when you can’t go to glass expo/Vegas …

Spring Cleaning … Also known as: What to do when you are avoiding grown-up responsibilities (although, I DID get my nursing competencies done … and – hey,  I have 6 [count THEM … S-I-X !!!] more DAYS until taxes are DUE! … It’s called procrastination, people – EMBRACE IT!!!) …

So … I can’t be at the once-a-year, show-off-all-the-new-bling/techniques-in-glass exposition.  I just CAN’T.  I have my family, work, dogs, my private-duty-patient … and an accountant.  They all say I can’t ‘hop-a-flight’  and be in WONDERLAND … !!!  So, instead – I WAS scouring the ‘net, searching for an illusive glass ‘trick’.  And, then – my internet went GONE!  No access!  None!!!  I don’t care how many times you reboot … YOU DON’T GET TO EXPLORE!

It’s all good … I found enough to experiment.  So, I spent a few hours watching over my kiln/studio – to make sure she didn’t CATCH ON FIRE … and experimented.  Turns out, I might be able to plot, frit and fuse … all with glass powders.  Maybe … Here’s the ‘speriment’ – at 600+ degrees:


Meanwhile:  When you can’t be in Vegas, you ‘spring-clean’ … kind-of.  OK, half-heartedly.  But, here are my shelves and drawers, all organized:

90-frit-2   90-glass-frit-jarsglass-sheets  molds

Also – when you can’t learn new techniques … you make ornaments.  ‘Christmas in Jul … April’ … AKA – filling custom-orders:  Santas – cuz I can!  (Last pic = Santas at 500+ degrees with hairspray burning off … Oops!)

custom-glass-order  Santas-in-Aprildog-ornaments  santas-cooking

And, lastly … when you can’t ‘splore the net’, can’t travel – AND have to make sure your studio doesn’t IGNITE … you drink wine.  Cuz – you made it, so you know it’s good!


At the end of my day, while I could do more experiments – I won’t right now.  I KNOW – the SILVER has arrived (!) … But, ya know – you can’t drink with a mask on your face(!), and this wine JUST won’t drink itself!  VIVA Las Vegas!!!


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