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[Whine!] … It’s that time of year!

Glass Expo is this week.  Nope, I still can’t go.  Dangit!  So – I’m staying busy … It’s been several weeks in the making, but I wanted to make some ‘cloud tiles’ … So, I did.  And, tonight I cut those beauties… Read More

The Shop, Empty-Nesters and …

This year’s “When you can’t go to Glass Expo” experiments:  Playing with frits and temperature.  Here are tonight’s tiny tiles ready for the kiln, along with some fired pieces. Meanwhile, DH and I spent a few hours at the shop, working on… Read More

What to do when you can’t go to glass expo/Vegas …

Spring Cleaning … Also known as: What to do when you are avoiding grown-up responsibilities (although, I DID get my nursing competencies done … and – hey,  I have 6 [count THEM … S-I-X !!!] more DAYS until taxes are DUE! …… Read More