[Whine!] … It’s that time of year!

cloud-cabs-cut-3-29Glass Expo is this week.  Nope, I still can’t go.  Dangit!  So – I’m staying busy …

It’s been several weeks in the making, but I wanted to make some ‘cloud tiles’ … So, I did.  And, tonight I cut those beauties up into future pendants:


Here are the tiles going in, mapped out for cutting, and cut:

5-cloud-tiles   prep-cutting-tilescloud-cabs-cut

A couple close-up photos:

cloud-cabs2-3-29 cloud-cabs-3-29

Why it took me so long … or what to do when you can’t go to Expo (year 4):  I started gathering [stock-piling] STUFF:  Murrini and every grade of frit (and, um … I spared you the photo of stringers … we’ve started playing with making our own) …


It’s not all jewelry here though … I made a special request bird night light, too.  I like her!  And, I’m gathering supplies for another project or two …


Meanwhile, it is also TAX SEASON [Bum Bum Buhhhm!]!  So, DH says I have to stop playing and start ‘adulting’ … Grrr!

Through it all, Chloe is my napping watch-dog!  Winking smile


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