Dysfunctional is the New Norm …

I was going to try to leave it at that, but – a quick word of advice.  Regardless of how much you’ve scoured WebMD for bizarre diagnoses, please do not come into the ER seriously expecting your triage nurse to newest-cab-in-progressconfirm your ‘suspicions’ regarding your loved one within the first 5 seconds of your arrival.  I don’t care how many times you repeat the ‘question’/statement or how loud you get.  It’s annoying – just sayin’ … and I have things to do first, like, umm – ASSESSING the patient …

Moving on from all dysfunctional encounters … I’ve been losing myself in the studio this week:  Here’s an experiment from weeks ago, ready for pendant making … It might just be my new favorite.

I’m also working on custom hearts and playing with more crackle (on both 3mm and 1mm fiber) pieces;  And, my future-dichro (plotter) images are weeded and waiting …

 suncatchers-in-the-kiln   crackle-set-one   plotter-images

More crackle … meets stencils:  Hot air balloon (hello Melon Fest!) and preparing for Cinco De Mayo (both projects are back in the kiln as I type) …

hot-air-balloon-crackle   dios-dela-muertos-crackle-e

A bumble bee sun catcher, trial one:


Oh, and I’m prepping wine bottles for eventual slumping.  Look at what I stumbled on:  It is called a LABELNATOR – and it’s kind of slick.  Definitely made for little hands, but it makes removing those wine labels much easier.  And, I purchased a bottle blaster/washer for removing stubborn left-over inside stuff.  Little job-aids … gotta love ‘em!

labelnator     bottle-blaster

Speaking of which – the much needed diamond saw blade is finally ordered and on it’s way (with wet saw waiting patiently for her arrival) … Thank you His Glassworks!  Next up: Pattern Bars!!!  I’d better get busy!

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