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Dysfunctional is the New Norm …

I was going to try to leave it at that, but – a quick word of advice.  Regardless of how much you’ve scoured WebMD for bizarre diagnoses, please do not come into the ER seriously expecting your triage nurse to confirm your… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d say Happy Turkey Day … but we had ham.  Was my youngest daughter a little bummed?  Maybe … But – since she didn’t move her lazy-butt off the couch all doggone day … I’m not impressed by her vote.  And, while… Read More

And She’s Off …

FINALLY have the production kiln running – as I type.  AND … the coffin-kiln is loaded – ready to start tomorrow morning, when I can be in the studio for at least the first 8 hours (until we hit the magic 1500… Read More