And She’s Off …

FINALLY have the production kiln running – as I type.  AND … the coffin-kiln is loaded – ready to start tomorrow morning, when I can be in the studio for at least the first 8 hours (until we hit the magic 1500 degrees) to make sure it’s new home can take the heat.

running kiln            loaded coffin kiln

We got such a late start in the studio today, as we had a small adventure first … Down to the last storage room (in the renovation), we made the decision to buy more of the original flooring (so the maple would be throughout the entire studio) – which meant we needed to buy more.  As the store was just around the corner from my grandparents house, we popped in for a visit.  I am glad to report they are doing well in their 87th year of life.  My grandma gave me a surprise gift – a beautiful mirror and ‘hair receiver’ that belonged to HER grandmother.  I’d never heard of a hair receiver before – so had to look it up, even though my grandfather told me repeatedly what women used it for … after brushing your hair, you place the stray hairs from the brush in it.  “But Grandpa, why not just throw it in the garbage?  Why save the hair?”  He didn’t have an answer for me, but … turns out women of the Victorian era were very GREEN.  They would recycle the saved hair into JEWELRY … No, really!  Here’s a link to a little history about Hair Jewelry – if you’re interested …

hair receiver     victorian_hair_snake_bracelet

Huh … Who knew???  I think I’ll pass on “hair art” as my next hobby, though … And yet, who doesn’t want a hairy snake on their wrist???  😉

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