It’s still a full moon … WWU

While the lunar status doesn’t quite mean what it did at the hospital ER, you can still tell when the moon is full … bizarre and unusual people were out in full force this weekend.

fear factorHad a great family night – in the new studio, munching on popcorn and cream puffs (kids’ choices).  We were planning to watch Sherlock Holmes, in preparation for the new one hitting the theater this week, but ended up getting sucked into the new, improved Fear Factor.  My kids have a great sense of humor, and it made for a wonderful Monday (anyone that knows me, knows the significance of enjoying a Monday – flipping back to a day schedule with too little sleep, switching gears, changing hats and jumping into the week)!  Love it!!

Earlier in the day, I was taking pictures of new ornaments for the shops … Got another ‘lucky shot’ – with the light streaming in from the window, and my large kiln in the background.  I like this one! Smile


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