Evil Strikes Again … (WWU)

cruella devilleWhile I was trying to get through my weekend at work – doing good deeds, like starting IV’s on septic infants (SUCCESS!) – the dark side struck … Yep – the biological mother rose up from the depths of Hades to mess with me and mine again!  While I may be one sarcastic gal – I do live by a moral code/cosmic karma:  What goes around comes around … AND, I believe that certain behavioral medicine (Psych) disorders are completely within an individual’s control, but maybe someday the ‘magic pill’ that makes her civil will appear … ‘Nough said.

Then I went to my DARN SANE meeting, and realized again how pathetic the birth mother is on the ‘21st century Creep-O-Meter’.  It helped me to shift focus and remember how lucky MY family is – while I said a prayer for those families-KIDS-women-people that truly need help.

Studio News:  The main work table is done.  It’s beautiful and exactly what I wanted.  DH has moved forward with the first storage room – flooring is in and the first row of storage shelves in place:

work-table-1               storage-1

Hope to get the kilns and heat press fired up this week (I mean it this time) … but we are having major issues with internet connection in the new space that’s proving to be really time-consuming … ARRGGHH!!!!

Lil-Miss-5-wksFour-legged news:  I think I feel tooth buds popping up in Lil Miss.  Hopefully, within the next week or so, I can introduce some solids … ‘And Then There Was One’ (Neo news):  Marco (our blue male) is all alone – and LOVING it!  All the extra one-on-one time, belly rubs, etc.  Two of our Neo’s (Zeus and Tess) go in for (final) cherry eye removal on Friday [fingers crossed for great outcomes] …


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