If anyone had told me …

I would spend 8 (almost 9) DAYS  away from internet, email and smart phones – I would never have believed it … But – that’s exactly what I did. 


We just came back from paradise (our tropical retreat) and while we had an unexpected delay in Georgia trying to make our way back home … I went 8.5 days without [my] technology.  And I was okay with it!  ‘Course unlimited adult beverages, entire days spent lounging in the pool soaking up sunshine, and nights full of endless food and fun may have contributed.  It wasn’t until the last [unexpected] day, when our airline TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES to cancel/rebook our connecting flight for the following MORNING(!), holding us hostage in Atlanta with no belongings (our bags were ‘checked’ – making them inaccessible to us), transportation or entertainment plans –  that I broke down to touch base with technology.

Now home, with some 200 emails to filter through … I still had a great time!  (Am boycotting Atlanta Delta for now though …)  Had to keep our actual trip dates on the D-L to keep the evil-biologic from messing with the home front while we were gone [SUCCESS!] … So, a good time was had by all.  Once I get the kids wound down from their week long sugar-high, compliments of Papa and Grandma – I can get back to the business of running our home, all refreshed, renewed and sun-kissed (jaundiced???) …

redstripe    dutyfree2012

I have more Red Stripe and RS Light bottles for slumping … more Rum Cream, Liquor 43 and (a new one) Mango Liqueur to sip at (LOVE the shape of that bottle!) … and I hope to have some studio time tomorrow, before heading back to the reality of ER nursing.  But for now, I have my kids (two and four-legged) to catch up with/love-on … and I’m happy!  (BTW – so is DH …)  Smile

paradise2012 jp2012 2012paradise

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