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Countdown …

But first, special thanks to JP from Tattered Time and her Garden Stake Whimsy Tutorial.  I love using a nib pen for drawing on glass!  It is so much easier for me to control my lines (vs using a paint brush) –… Read More

Waiting … and playing

While I wait for my production kiln to ‘spit out’ the last paintings, I’m playing with night lights, finger bowls, spoon rests and tapestry.  I am loving my studio!  I want to make more and more and more … Crap! … I have… Read More

Ahhhh … Paradise!

‘Nuff said … 😉

If anyone had told me …

I would spend 8 (almost 9) DAYS  away from internet, email and smart phones – I would never have believed it … But – that’s exactly what I did.  We just came back from paradise (our tropical retreat) and while we had… Read More

Ahhh– I like …

Tonight marks the first time I’ve been in the studio for a week.  The upside – we had a great, all-be-it just a tad late Christmas with my dad, my house is CLEAN, and I have the next 3 days for nothing… Read More

The tickets are bought … the deal is done!

Woohoo!! I’m going on VACATION!!!  The DH and I try to get away every year, but some years – it’s a question mark … can we financially swing it?  The mystery has been solved yet once more.  YAY!!  Look out paradise, here… Read More