Countdown …

line-drawing-nibBut first, special thanks to JP from Tattered Time and her Garden Stake Whimsy Tutorial.  I love using a nib pen for drawing on glass!  It is so much easier for me to control my lines (vs using a paint brush) – and her recipe for black enamel is well worth the tutorial price.  I haven’t even played with her adorable patterns yet … But, here is my first nib drawing and tonight’s zentangle bulldog (reverse enamel):bulldog-reverse-enamel

rose-ivy-musicI’m working on a few night lights in one of the kilns.  I like this Ivy-Rose-Music shade:

And, I’m moving my jewelry cabs along in stages, in my other kiln.  All while I made a big vat of  ham/potato soup (with spinach, parsnip and snow peas – along with  our standard shredded carrot and green beans) … YUM!


Here are my pendants before assembling (tonight’s task), and a few of my favorites:

cloud-cabs-feb 3-feb-cabs

One more nursing weekend to get through, another couple of days of organizing/cleaning/packing CHAOS before we head off to paradise next week.  I am so ready for this trip!


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