Enameling–what NOT to do … and other news

enameling-first-timeFinally played with copper glass enameling last night.  I used the sifting method, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  It made me realize I prefer slightly larger ‘canvases’ …

But, one very important lesson learned regarding what NOT to do:  burned-the-bedDon’t drop that 1450 degree piece of red hot glass/metal, as you’re transferring it from the kiln to the cooling brick.  Nope … that thing will burn right through a dog bed, leaving smelly, melted green fluff/turned-plastic!  Fortunately no one was injured, but the girls (Chloe and Ro) wondered why I kept telling them to stay back (as they lifted their heads, cracked open an eye to look at me from their safe, snuggly big bed some 15-feet-away) …

Will let the process ruminate for a day or so, plan on another copper enameling technique to try before I give it another go …


Meanwhile, I’ve had a few custom requests for spoon rests – so they’re firing as I type.


And, I’ve moved my jewelry tiles along.  Should be ready to cut out some shapes/designs tomorrow.


Leaving with Ro, who is very much in the teething stage of puppyhood right now.  Everything goes in the mouth/becomes a toy if left within her reach.   Right on down to a plastic box.  Silly girl!



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