Month: March 2018

OMG’osh … Look!

WELL … Look at THAT! I ALMOST made my first card … I’m just waiting for a couple (hundred dollars worth of) supplies to arrive!(!?!) Oh, if only I still had a pen-pal in Australia … Tony, where are you??? 

Card Making Crazy continues …

I spent time this week watching Youtube and scoping blogs for stamping, card making and paper-crafting ideas.  Ah, the internet – such a great way to occupy an insomniac’s mind! I’m no expert – yet, but I have a decent handle on… Read More

New ‘art’ and other news …

I became (re-)obsessed with stamping, coloring and card making this week.  I know … It’s been a strange week! Ahem … back to card making.  I’ve reorganized those supplies, dusted off my stamp storage, dug in to my water colors, copic markers… Read More

My problem …

WHEN I’m willing to admit there may BE AN ISSUE … And, really – WHY bother diagnosing, if there isn’t any medication or treatment for ‘SAID’ symptoms … Anyway, I digress … My [‘ALLEGED’] problem may be that I read too many tutorials… Read More


Look what I made!  Etched brass, ready for enameling!  Except … I just realized I probably won’t have success with my enamels [I bought Thompson copper enamels vs. low fire (aluminum/brass) enamels] … DOH! The good news – this etching process works… Read More

And, back to reality …

Paradise was … well ~ PARADISE!  A great sun-filled escape!  We arrived back to find our homestead still standing, all two and four-legged family healthy.  So, unpacked – but still sporting a bit of sunshine color, it’s time to get back into… Read More

Ahhh … Paradise!