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Help … My studio needs cleaning!

But, I don’t want to stop making stuff … This is crazy … I have hundreds of dollars worth of dichroic glass balancing precariously on teetering molds [umm, multiple molds], while I shuffle jars of frit from here-to-there, to make room for… Read More

Puppies, pendants and dandelions …

Oh my!  Put in a full day at DTW yesterday (13 hours) … thank you central scheduling!  But, we now have extended family in WA, VA, MO, NC and TX (as well as OH, IN, WI NY and MI).  All the pups… Read More

I feel like I’m in ‘Time-Out’ …

In trying to grant the twins (quietly supervised) alone time with their teen-age friends, giving them full access to the house and pool – I’m stuck in my office, feeling like I’m in a time-out (can’t be in the studio, and my pool… Read More

Just say NO!

… to GREEN VOMIT!  Seriously – if you love an ER nurse (or have any RESPECT at all – and you REALLY SHOULD, as we have access to all sorts of sharp objects, good drugs, and tubes for every orifice …) you will… Read More

If anyone had told me …

I would spend 8 (almost 9) DAYS  away from internet, email and smart phones – I would never have believed it … But – that’s exactly what I did.  We just came back from paradise (our tropical retreat) and while we had… Read More

This Elf is Ready for a Break

I’ve been working hard this week … shipping packages daily, cranking out personalized ornament orders (both of which I love), getting the computers talking to each other (networked – so I can access pictures/info in the new studio), loading drivers and photo-editing… Read More

Ahh … Oh-no! Really???

Finally finished with my mandatory nursing in-services …  Ahhhhhh …  Just in time to start orientation hours at my new job (the sister hospital) next week …  Apparently, I am destined to work 56-64 hours a week outside of the home. (WTH?!?) … Read More

Up, down, up, down

Up at 9p yesterday, back to sleep at 5am.  Airport runs and errands, then back to my ‘own schedule’ for a day or two (while being on-call, so who knows …?)  Then up at 6am (did I say A.M. ?!?) on Friday… Read More

Time marches on …

Feeling a little blah this week … maybe it’s preparing for winter hibernation (mine) or mentally preparing to acknowledge another birthday … anyway, not much in the studio by way of creativity.  It’s been a busy week too though – DARN SANE… Read More