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What a week ….

But first – cuteness.  This is our Olivia and her daughter Tubitha (Tubby).  Awww … Now, my week.   Apparently, my grandmother decided at 89 years of age that she didn’t want her gallbladder anymore.  She was so insistent about not wanting it,… Read More

Just say NO!

… to GREEN VOMIT!  Seriously – if you love an ER nurse (or have any RESPECT at all – and you REALLY SHOULD, as we have access to all sorts of sharp objects, good drugs, and tubes for every orifice …) you will… Read More

Just a tad more excitement …

before closing out the 2011 year … On Thursday, while coming home from promised clothes shopping – my daughter and I discovered a ‘present’ at the end of our driveway.  Some stellar member of our community decided to dump 40+ old tires. … Read More