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I Caused a Stir …

I didn’t mean to – I was just asking questions on a chat board –  talking out loud, working through the process … But stuff got weird (picture THE most opinionated gathering of ER and  ICU nurses – ‘sharing ideas’ … Oh YEAH… Read More

The good, the bad and the ugly …

Let’s start with the bad, cuz she’s awful darn cute:  Here is Cally.  She is DH’s favorite Yorkie (therefore, doubly spoiled and a COMPLETE brat!).  I think I figured out why he loves her so … she has the same coloring as… Read More

Just say NO!

… to GREEN VOMIT!  Seriously – if you love an ER nurse (or have any RESPECT at all – and you REALLY SHOULD, as we have access to all sorts of sharp objects, good drugs, and tubes for every orifice …) you will… Read More