I Caused a Stir …

I didn’t mean to – I was just asking questions on a chat board –  talking out loud, working through the process … But stuff got weird (picture THE most opinionated gathering of ER and  ICU nurses – ‘sharing ideas’ … Oh YEAH – this glass group has got nothing on them!  DOH!)  Half way through the flying posts, I looked over at Chloe … This was her take on all the shenanigans!  (She is compact, rotund and WISE beyond her years MONTHS!)


So, giving up on any sage advice – I started playing with our murrini … My first slab.  It’s up next for the kiln!

first-murrine-slab2 first-murrine-slab

I stumbled on a quick crockpot recipe.  So, you have to like mushrooms … but, if you do?!?  Oh My Goodness … YUM!  (Recipe specifies within the comments ‘one ounce of ranch mix and UNSALTED butter’ … which I did.)  DH wants these served at every meal!  Smile  [*Not my photo]

ranch mushrooms

And, leaving with a quick pic of the Princess Cowbell … who remains unimpressed!  The ‘Lil Snot!!! Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!


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