Just say NO!

… to GREEN VOMIT!  Seriously – if you love an ER nurse green vomit(or have any RESPECT at all – and you REALLY SHOULD, as we have access to all sorts of sharp objects, good drugs, and tubes for every orifice …) you will be a responsible leprechaun this weekend.  Do not drink and drive, and for the love of all that is HOLY – do NOT drink to the point of needing emergency care.  I do not like beer vomit (or any vomit  – for that matter), but I get cranky when I have to deal with GREEN VOMIT!  Just sayin’ …

Studio news … got some pictures taken for the shops …Hope to get some listings done soon.  Here’s a view of my photo-shoot set up.  I know, it’s totally high tech … 


Photos of recycled glass experiments:  DH’s left over stained glass – in an effort to create another ‘usable piece’ … Hmm, not so much.  It reacts way differently than my (fusible) glass.  Interesting …

streaky-white-stained-glass      recycled-stained-glass

And some wine bottle glass experiments … I have some ideas for these – so will continue to play around with them [fingers crossed!] …

recycling-wine-bottle-art     recycled-wine-bottle-rings

This unusually  warm weather (Michigan teaser weather!) has us all playing in the yard.  Here’s a picture of MIGHTY ZEUS … with his glowing majestic eyes (no thunder bolt, though).  And not to be outdone (in his own little-man way), Chauncey playing ‘King of the Rock’ … and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it!

Mighty-Zeus-Neo-Mastiff    king-of-the-rock

Happy St Patrick’s Day ya’ll … Time to get ready for work [fingers crossed!!] …

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