The needles are hot – the studio is warm …

Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to be right now … The weekend is over(!), and while no one in my ‘lil ER had to endure green vomit on St Patty’s day – there were some interesting intoxicants.  I, however, was in the heart ‘wing’ – ruling out one MI after another …

I finished knitting my butterfly hat … here’s my daughter (face not revealed – to protect the innocent???) modeling:


And, to prove me wrong … future Shriner poster-child DH modeling (first attempt) …


The hat does stretch though (it’s good to have faith), and he proved it will accommodate those with super-sized melons … I think he was going for a Vogue-pose, but all I hear is ‘Arrreaa Rrruug’   Smile


I am now ‘flying’ through a reusable grocery bag … [knitting needles clacking furiously in background].  I’ll post a pic when mine is done, but you can get the pattern here, and here is the designer’s photo:


Meanwhile – DH is almost done with his ‘Pool’ stained glass window.  Now to frame and install it … [tick, tock …]


Studio News:   My pendant shades are coming along … but I’m not thrilled with the shape.  I think I’ll try taking them just a tad further on a taller form, but … I’m also eyeing some new molds (… shhh, don’t tell DH) …


Sometime this week I should  start in on the monumental task of organizing the taxes … YUCK!  But NOT today …

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