Still recuperating … but eating helps (?)

I work nights.  I do this INTENTIONALLY, as I am –apparently– a vampire.  (I’d say the non-blood kind – but my patients [whose blood I take by-the-vials] would probably disagree …)  I am ALLERGIC to mornings.  So, my week has been messed up since I got a SANE call only minutes (about 120 of them) after falling asleep.  But no, this phone call had me up and reporting to the ER in the A.M., hanging out with the day-shift crew (all great people, but still) … Now, as we roll into Friday, I finally feel like MAYBE  I can do something – besides eat!  Thank Goodness – since I go back to work tomorrow.

With all this – my family has eaten well this week: Steak & potatoes, Cream Cheese Spaghetti casserole, ribs-n-beans, stuffed cabbage (with rice-pudding-chaser!) … AND, we’re planning for grilled bacon-provolone-wrapped shrimp tonight.  (???)  [Have I mentioned my innate ‘skill’ of cooking for an ARMY?  Recipes triple on their own when I step foot in the kitchen!]  *There might have been some vegetables thrown in there, but I don’t remember them …

Maybe I was working my way through some viral illness?  But I will go to my grave believing my week was shot (AND I’VE GAINED 80 POUNDS!) because I had  to be out and about in the DAYLIGHT.  To add injury – SWAMP PEOPLE was a re-run this week …WTH?!?

I did finally manage to start a new project in the studio.  A fused mosaic butterfly … It’s just rough-cut … but you get the idea.


[My ‘eating-for-8’ had NOTHING to do with the lost-soul rape victim I met, the state of our society, or any form of frustration with the human race. That  would be unhealthy transference (…displacement…???…Whatever!)  – and I know better!]

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