He’s a little bit country, a little bit Fred Sanford …

But, I’ll keep him.  This is the view as I pull up my driveway right now … Umm, ok.  Doesn’t everyone have a hot tub in their FRONT YARD?  No … only SPECIAL  people???  Like ME!?!  The really cool news is DH got it running.  He fixed seized motors, got the pumps operating and all other mechanical STUFF that runs in a working tub.  It will soon go onto the deck of my glass studio.  It’s so good to be a patient brat!


And the patience continues to reward [me] … as he (that would be DH) also completed and installed the ‘Pool’ stained glass window.  This finally  finishes the ‘game area’ of our family room.  I love it – so I’m showing it off …

stained-glass-pool-sign pool-table family-room

I’ve got just a little time to put together a ‘gonna miss you’ going away gift for a coworker moving on to ‘greener pastures’ … all sarcastic and loving [my style].  Then I’ve got to get some sleep before another fun-filled night in the ER.


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