I’m in love …

mbennettWith my husband (of course).  BUT – if DH were to dissolve our marriage tomorrow, I would throw myself at save myself for … Manu Bennett.  The problem (besides the fact that he doesn’t know me) is that he’s in New Zealand and I’m here … But, I happen to know someone (who knows someone) that works with Mr. Bennett.  I’m trying to talk my coworker into taking a trip with me/setting up a meeting … Hey – IT COULD HAPPEN!!!  And I’m certain Mr. Bennett needs a cranky, bossy, older, PRIVATE DUTY  nurse … 

In the meantime (WWU) – Thank Goodness the weekend is over!  All I’m gonna say is this:  You cannot be too sick to wipe your own backend if you’re well enough to argue with the doctor that you should continue the narcotics medications that brought you to an ER in the first place – just sayin’…

My week ahead:  Outside of pulling together a custom glass order, my studio will be cold this week.  I’ll be knee-deep in a self-imposed time-out, getting the taxes ready for our accountant.  Ohhhhh [whine] –  I don’t want to think about it …

I wonder if I can get DH to dress like this … Winking smile


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