Hmmm … not so much

Day 2 of my self-imposed tax time-out didn’t fair so well …

How can anyone concentrate when surrounded by such cute four-legged kids?  I have pictures …  Zeus loves babies – He couldn’t get enough of Yogi Bear (4.5 wk old Yorkie):

Zeus-and-Yogi-Bear   Zeus-loves-Yogi

And Zonie loves ‘posing’ AND really wanted to play with Mia:

Zonie    Zonie-and-Mia

Meanwhile – I had insomnia last night (Now there’s a SHOCKER!) and decided to ‘start’ a new knit hat (“Chunky Mocha” pattern from Yarn Market).  Anyway, while the taxes didn’t get organized, my hat is done … Smile  Here’s someone modeling (NO, it’s NOT DH … I would NEVER ask him to model a ‘girly’ hat).  Winking smile

chunky mocha knit hat    NOT-DH-in-a-girls-hat

I’m sure we’ll make major progress with the taxes today!  [Fingers crossed]

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