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Two days before Christmas … and Still Movin’

… ‘Cuz there’s no choice … And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  [Deep Breath!]  So, here’s what we’ve got: ‘Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, all you can hear is the snoring of 9 brand new… Read More

Frustration …

with surgeons and teenage girls had me excessively busy with my hands this week – as I tried to keep my mouth quiet!  Special thanks to my dad, who let me vent about the surgeon.  If you’re not going to listen to your… Read More

Hmmm … not so much

Day 2 of my self-imposed tax time-out didn’t fair so well … How can anyone concentrate when surrounded by such cute four-legged kids?  I have pictures …  Zeus loves babies – He couldn’t get enough of Yogi Bear (4.5 wk old Yorkie):… Read More

The needles are hot – the studio is warm …

Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to be right now … The weekend is over(!), and while no one in my ‘lil ER had to endure green vomit on St Patty’s day – there were some interesting intoxicants.  I, however, was in… Read More

Big tease, microcephalic … and faith!

As I sit in the office, nursing a cup of coffee – trying to wake up and tap into my smiling, happy, civil side (come on caffeine!) … DH is giving me a run down on the weather predictions for the next… Read More