Two days before Christmas … and Still Movin’

… ‘Cuz there’s no choice … And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  [Deep Breath!]  So, here’s what we’ve got:

‘Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, all you can hear is the snoring of 9 brand new mice puppies!  Yep, we have babies!  Born on Friday, already growing by leaps and bounds, and Momma (not in any kind of kerchief) is doing great!  (And loving on her babies, gobbling up her high calorie foods – and watching me every time I move towards the kitchen … )[Which also meant this past ER nursing weekend was super-fun-crazy: Keeping up with my (home) crew, the ER (staff) gang, and all of the ‘lets-get-ready-for-full-moon-Christmas’ patients … soo NOT talking about the Emergency Department ANY MORE this week!!!]

Neo pups 12-15 pups December 2015

All of this means DH totally didn’t think through the timing of (cosmetically) gutting our bedroom.  He installed new crown moulding with fancy mood lighting – (OH, pretty! …)  and now we’re on HOLD.  So, things like the mattress and headboard and boxes and … STUFF – are sitting in my open entry/living/dining rooms – complete with Christmas trees … for the next several weeks!  Nope, Martha never had a holiday gathering with these fine decorations – Just Sayin’ … [No photo of entry yet, but here is the master bedroom ~ with fancy lighting, missing furniture, and no new flooring …]

master-bedroom-renovation   no-carpet-new-lighting

I’ve knit my hat; And, the studio kilns are still producing:  Memorial pendants made and delivered; the spoon rests are running now (photo to come); baked up a few more ornaments for the shop [photo: dog-themed ornaments] …


memorial-pendants memorial-pendant-backdog-ornaments

Stumbled (OK, technically FacedBooked … ?) on a new photo app (Super Photo ), and I’m patiently waiting for a chance to play with these images and glass:

zeus sp   my-girls

And, I tried a new (to me) recipe – Stracciatella Soup (like here – where I used up left-over veggies and turkey stock – onion, carrot, chick peas, spinach and kale – and anything else that called out to me from the fridge …), thanks to my oldest childhood friend – HLWLG – and LOVED IT!  (Why she kept it a secret from me all these years, I don’t know!)  DH and Lil Sis love it too, so, ya know –  no left-over soup for me … Sad smile

italian egg drop soup

I will finish up Christmas shopping (~ I KNOW!!!) and wrapping tomorrow [umm – later today …], so that Christmas baking and celebrating can commence … in T-32 hours – along with pup watch, kiln watch and … Every-Other-Else …

I’ll leave with an AMAZING piece of mosaic art by J.Perkins … in case I don’t make it back to in time to wish all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

Father Christmas by JPerkins


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