Welcome 2016 …

A good Christmas, a good New Year’s Eve, and work-weekend one (of 52) down*… I like it!  [* – and that’s all I have to say about Weekend Wrap Up/ER nursing today, while I ruminate and mentally readjust!]

Plus … I have a beautiful family; Flooring is complete in my bedroom (which means we’re only like a week away from HAVING a use-able bedroom again … SWEET!!!); I’m cooking and reading and knitting … So, I have photos:

Christmas morning with my two-legged ‘housemates’ (DH and the Twins); Gus, in his new ‘bad to the bone’ sweater, weighing in at 2 lbs 3 oz, BTW; And my new master bedroom flooring:


Bad-to-the-Bone-Guster     Bad-to-Bone-Guster


A coworker told me about a book that he has … so I ordered one too!  Oh my goodness – I love this book!  Except for the ‘breakfast chapter’ (~ I don’t like breakfast foods … I know, it’s an odd ‘birth defect’) … I’ve read the whole book!  Awesome facts/tips, some great-looking recipes, and at less than $28 on Amazon – I’m so glad I got it!

the food lab

Meanwhile, I made a huge pot of my favorite potato soup, starting with a lovely herb & spice broth base from the Christmas ham bone!

ham-stock  ham-potato-soup

I’m teaching myself continental knitting (see dish cloth photo) and two-handed knitting (for double knitting – picture to come), while also working on a market tote from Darn Good Yarns, with recycled chiffon ribbon – kind of like this, but with these colors:


market-tote   recycled-chiffon-ribbon-yar

Next up: Time in the studio(!) as I am experiencing glass-withdrawal symptoms; Squishy-faced puppy photos; And … … … ??? …

We’ll be having Christmas 2015 II (AKA ‘Dad Christmas’) here in a few weeks, so I do have some shopping to do, a menu to plan, and things to make … Lets go 2016!!!

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