Still No Studio Time …

But – I have a bedroom, and a BED!!!  And, a new desk for our bedroom ~ gotta love Craigslist!  (The desk is on the ‘sitting room’ side of our room, and not yet ready for pictures … but it’s coming along.  A few more days, and I should have a living room, dining room and entryway again, too!  SWEET!)



While I’m not in love with the comforter, I can live with it for a bit.  I keep telling DH we’re getting in touch with our ‘Greek’ side (~it’s SO GOLD!!!) … Anyway.  In between moving all that stuff, cleaning and rearranging, I’ve been knitting.  Here’s the ‘Market Tote’ – so far; And, my double knitting.  It will be a scarf, complete with storm troopers, someday …


double-knitting-scarf-proje  double-knit-stormtrooper

I’ll leave with a quick pic of one of our pups, three weeks old today and getting cuter by the minute!  Since they’re all sleeping now,  I think I will too – cuz I have a bed again!  Winking smile  G’night y’all!


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