OMGosh–Why do I do this to myself?

size-30-slipperJeeze Louise!  I’m nuts!  [I KNOW!!!]  But still … We’re less than a week out from Christmas II, and I’ve got so much to do!  It’s okay.  Deep breath.  We’ll get there.  So, while we are keeping up with two high school seniors (Oy Vay!), 4 week old puppies (soo cute!), our four-legged gang, and Mom’s Kitchen … I attended ANOTHER mandatory weekday work class [Grrrr!], DH is repainting parts of the house [Why NOW, honey?  Cuz it needs doing … OK!], and I’mdouble-knit-scarf frantically knitting (x2), beading, chain-mailing, dye-subbing and ‘glassing’.  Oh, and internet shopping.  It’s all good.  I still have 6 more days before the next deadline …

But, here’s my knitting:  One of Grandpa’s (ginormous, waiting to be felted) slippers.  The fact that I RAN OUT of black wool, and I’m waiting for the package to arrive so I can finish the second slipper … well, it can’t be helped – so I’m not going to stress it.  And, my Dad’s scarf – okay, that picture was from yesterday, and I’ve successfully double knitted through the end pattern (so there are two storm troopers in between some 3+ feet of scarf now) … I’m 15 rows and fringe-on-both-ends away from being done!

Just need a few more items to arrive via USPS, UPS and Fed-Ex; a bit of quality time with my printers;  a solid block in the studio; maybe a cooperative weekend in the ER … and I’m golden!

No, wait!  I’m golden anyway (or soon will be) … The tickets are purchased – and ‘Paradise’ is on the menu!  Yep – that’s why I do this!


(In between all the mad-hatter-ness – I have received a Christmas present from me:  A new work jacket – here’s a photo of the back … I like it!)


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